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The Honest Company

The Wren

The Honest Company

Renee Woodruff

Just over a year ago, I decided that I wanted to start taking steps toward making better consumer decisions and to understanding the products that I spend my hard earned money on. Having invested over ten years in the world of advertising, I know how overwhelming the crowded, cluttered shelves of many stores can be. Coupled with the lack of regulations that companies have to adhere to, it makes it virtually impossible to really know if the choices we are making are good ones.


Where things become even more troubling is when we do take the time to educate ourselves about choices we think are (were) smart and healthy, we may find we are being deceived by marketers, labels and claims. Today, I would like to introduce you to a company that I trust -- The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan. 


I encourage you to read about the Honest Company on their website to learn how they got their start and what promises they are making to their consumers. We have begun using many of their products in our home.


I think I've tried almost everything the company has to offer, including the baby products (you don't need a brand new bum to put a baby wipe to good use and their healing balm is wonderful for chapped skin). Everything is beautifully packaged and shipped directly to you, cutting out the middle man costs. If you sign up for the monthly bundle, it will save you money, and they automatically remind you when it's time to ship, giving you the option to update your product choices before it does.  

Here are a list of our favorites: