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Do You Really Know What's in Your Tea?

The Wren

Do You Really Know What's in Your Tea?

Renee Woodruff

I introduced Food Babe a few weeks ago, and this is one of the pieces of research that she wrote that got me hooked. (Note: read the article before you continue reading).

Being a big tea drinker, I found it disturbing but interesting. I was relieved to find that I wasn't too far off from making my regular tea consumption count, but I admittedly had a few adjustments to make to put her findings into action. 

Before I read the article I was drinking a ton of this popular brand.

I was also drinking a few of these other well known brands (Bigelow, Twinings, Mighty Leaf and Tazo) when I was at the office, traveling or just didn't have access to my regular stash.  I wrote about the Mighty Leaf brand in my Conscious Box post, and being that Conscious Box is a company that prides itself on helping people make healthier choices, I highly recommend cross referencing Food Babe's site even when you think you are making a smart choice!

After I gave Food Babe's research some serious thought, I quickly switched over to drinking only Numi Tea and Traditional Medicinals Tea (which are delicious by the way). I do loose-leaf every now and then when I have a little extra time on my hands but typically go for the tea bag as it's a quicker preparation. 

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