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Introducing Food Babe

The Wren

Introducing Food Babe

Renee Woodruff

I am constantly experimenting with most everything in life, trying to get a better understanding about anything that I put in or on my body and that are part of my environment. I love reading health and nutrition based books, such as "The China Study",  "Fast Food Nation" or anything by Michael Pollan. I flip through magazines looking for new trends, recipes or recommendations that will better my life and it's certainly not uncommon to find me offering my personal opinion to those friends or co-workers who ask about subject matters related to food, health and fitness. 

So you can imagine how thrilled I was several months ago when my chef friend, Kendra Peterson, aka "Drizzle Kitchen" (more on her later), introduced me to Vani Hari aka the "Food Babe." As I started scrolling through the pages on her site, I sighed with relief knowing that most of the habits I'd formed, products I was using and travel tips I had provided others were in line with everything she believes. 

And more importantly, I could finally relax, knowing that Food Babe spends 100% of her time investigating what is in food. She doesn't just know the fluffy stuff...she digs into politics, the environment or whatever is making headlines. She's most knowledgeable about harmful ingredients in processed foods and how we can avoid them. Let Food Babe do the investigative work for you too and subscribe for her updates