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The Wren

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6 Fitness Tips to Keep You Motivated

Renee Woodruff

Here are six great tips to help stay motivated with your fitness routine. I personally find that working out with friends has had a huge impact on my life. The key to staying in shape is really about keeping active. You don't have to hold yourself prisoner to the gym to be "working out". There are several ways to stay physically active -- walk the dog, clean your house, take the long way home (walking, of course!), run lunch time errands, take the stairs, park your car further than you normally would. The list goes on... I always say, find what works for YOU and stick to it. 

Now, go get em!

The Daily Flame

Renee Woodruff

Darling Readers,

It's all about the little things throughout the day that keep us moving forward. I, along with several of my friends and family members have signed up to receive emails from "The Daily Flame." They are daily doses of inspiration and somehow, someway they always seem to be spot on with what's going on in life at that very given time. If you're looking for a little positive energy to be sent your way, sign up to receive your daily email too -- it's like receiving a little virtual hug every day.

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