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The Wren

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Happy 4th of July

Renee Woodruff

Our flight to our friends wedding in Nebraska was cancelled on Thursday night and we weren't able to get rescheduled for a flight today so we are in stuck in New York tonight (poor us) and were able to watch the The Macy's Fireworks display from the balcony of our Brooklyn apartment! I adore fireworks and even though they did a last minute shuffle on where they released them we still had a pretty spectacular view!

Off to bed now, because our alarm is set for a 5am wake up call for the flight they confirmed us on tomorrow morning at 8:30am. We'll miss the ceremony but still be there in time to celebrate with the bride & groom at the reception.

Happy 4th everyone and wish us luck getting to Nebraska!

A Healthy Welcome Home

Renee Woodruff

Dave just returned from a five week stint in Thailand where he was putting the finishing touches on a documentary film that he and his company, Run Riot Films, have been pouring their hearts into for the past several months.

I've been spending my weekends captive to a yoga studio in Manhattan's Soho neighborhood, juicing and living a healthier lifestyle than even I thought possible. Dave has been lamenting the unhealthy way he has been living. He's complained of his back hurting, having not worked out while he's been away and lugging around heavy camera equipment. In addition to indulging in all of his favorite Thai foods. If I know Dave l like I think I do, he's also been drinking a lot of Leo, Chang and Singha while keeping his social skills in tact.

To celebrate his return, I welcomed him home with a little healthy motivation -- a basket filled with goodies. These items included a Men's Health Magazine, some fresh flowers, (to brighten the apartment and to remind him that spring is hopefully just around the corner), and lots of fun, healthy snacks (Dave loves snacks). 

Here's a list of healthy ideas to create your own homemade gift for that special guy in your life:

(Most items listed can be found in your local Whole Foods store)

Welcome to The Wren

Renee Woodruff

wren | ren |


A very small widely distributed bird that has a short erect tail and is noted for its song.  

2 Also happens to be a lovely combination of my name, with my last name being Woodruff and first name being Renee. 

I've carried many nicknames throughout my lifetime by various friends, friends and family members; with "Ren" being one of the more popular. And after taking over a year off from blogging, formerly as "Girl on the Go" for, I've decided to give it another go. This time, autonomously.

The way I see it, we all have commonalities with a wren. In one shape or another, we are all songbirds, each singing our various songs. By creating "The Wren", I want to share my song with you. My hope is that in the stories that I share about my personal life,  you will find inspiration and motivation for your life.

I will use this blog to discuss topics that I'm most passionate about including: traveling, yoga, health and finding true happiness in the short lives that we've all been given. I'd love to hear from you if you discover something that you can relate to or that you enjoy on this blog. I encourage you to share the photos that I post and sample the recipes that I've discovered.

Thank you so much for reading,