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The Wren

Happy 4th of July

Renee Woodruff

Our flight to our friends wedding in Nebraska was cancelled on Thursday night and we weren't able to get rescheduled for a flight today so we are in stuck in New York tonight (poor us) and were able to watch the The Macy's Fireworks display from the balcony of our Brooklyn apartment! I adore fireworks and even though they did a last minute shuffle on where they released them we still had a pretty spectacular view!

Off to bed now, because our alarm is set for a 5am wake up call for the flight they confirmed us on tomorrow morning at 8:30am. We'll miss the ceremony but still be there in time to celebrate with the bride & groom at the reception.

Happy 4th everyone and wish us luck getting to Nebraska!

Procrastinate Better.

Renee Woodruff

I loved this tip from the article, "10 Genius Tricks to Make Your Workday Awesome."

Procrastinate better.  

How many of us are guilty of sitting on our computers or tablets mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest or our Facebook feed? Or in my fiancees' case, consuming multiple articles from the internet and then filling my inbox with them for me to read so we can discuss?

As the article states, "Completely cutting procrastination from your life would be a pipe dream. And, we're not trying to set you up to fail here. But Kogan says you should "avoid spending endless hours on social networks or just aimlessly browsing online. Instead, set a goal to learn something news -- check out new recipes, new websites, or read something from a section of your fave website that you rarely visit. Learning new things makes you happier, and will help you avoid the 'ugh' feeling of wasted time."

6 Fitness Tips to Keep You Motivated

Renee Woodruff

Here are six great tips to help stay motivated with your fitness routine. I personally find that working out with friends has had a huge impact on my life. The key to staying in shape is really about keeping active. You don't have to hold yourself prisoner to the gym to be "working out". There are several ways to stay physically active -- walk the dog, clean your house, take the long way home (walking, of course!), run lunch time errands, take the stairs, park your car further than you normally would. The list goes on... I always say, find what works for YOU and stick to it. 

Now, go get em!

Avocado, Grapefruit & Sunflower Seed Salad

Renee Woodruff

If you are looking for a quick and healthy fix try this summer salad that one of my best friends, Kelly shared with me. All you need to do is mix avocado, grapefruit and sunflower seeds in a bowl. No olive oil, salt or pepper needed! The juiciness of the grapefruit acts a salad dressing and it is so delicious. Yummmmy!